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Photo Courtesy of Lisa Hoffman Beauty
A new collection of luxury jewelry by Lisa Hoffman confirms our suspicion of a growing trend in the accessories industry: fragrance jewelry is on the rise. The founder and president of her namesake beauty brand partnered with jeweler Tom Binns to release a new line of scented pieces. The fact that there’s no clear section for baubles like these in department stores may be confusing to the marketplace because they cross boundaries— but Hoffman has high hopes that her new line will be successful in helping engage fragrance customers with jewelry, and vise versa.

Hoffman, who’s had a professional role in the beauty industry since 2007, became a fan of jewelry by Tom Binns when her famous husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, gave her one of his pieces as a present. It was about a year ago when Hoffman visited Binns in Los Angeles to discuss her idea of a fragrance jewelry line, which she told WWD that he loved because of the idea that jewelry and fragrance are worn on the same places on the body. “What was so wonderful and thrilling for us was the organic connection between jewelry and fragrance,” she said. The result is stylish scented jewelry that is designed to be as fragrant as possible in the most efficient way.
What Hoffman and Binns came up with is an equal blend of both professionals. Using eco-friendly materials, Binns created pod-shaped curved pendants that encase fragrance beads and effectively emit them through small vents. The scents are creations from Hoffman’s beauty line, including Japanese Agarwood, Madagascar Orchid, Tunisian Neroli, French Clary Sage and Tuscan Fig. One challenge of creating the fragrance beads’ wood flour-based formula was finding a medium that didn’t react badly to the jewelry’s materials. Ultimately, Binns chose five metal varieties that correspond to Hoffman’s five scents, including bronze, rhodium, gold, rose gold, and brushed gold— all at $250. Cuffs for $300 and earrings for $200 will be available in November and January, respectively.
While the Hoffman and Binns hybrids are certainly unique, they could be helping accelerate a trend in the fashion industry. Last year, Chloé released a similar product with a different aesthetic. The Chloé Solid Perfume Necklace is a simple pendant that contains the brand’s signature scent. The intricately engraved locket encases the original, distinctive notes of rose that provide just a touch of scent which can be delicately applied behind the ears, on the neck or on the wrists— ideal for adding a subtle mystery to your beauty routine. The limited edition pendants were available for $60 before they sold out at lightning speed. Photo Courtesy of Chloé

What do you think of the fragrance jewelry phenomenon? Do you think it will become a growing trend in fashion? Personally, we think there’s no better convenience than being able to reapply fragrance selectively throughout the day, whether after a workout, on the train before work, or heading into a happy hour.

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