BG Art Jewelry Atelier Crafts Royally Couture Bridal Rings

Medichi Ring by BG Art

Courtesy of BG Art Jewelry Atelier
A successful marriage is a constantly developing union between two people as they hopefully evolve together throughout the years. One of the more unfortunate feelings to occur is for either person to feel “stuck.” As makers of fine luxury bridal jewelry, the team at BG Art Jewelry Atelier incorporates this ambition into the design of its new stackable, couture bridal ring series — the Crown Collection. They have replaced the traditional wedding band and simple add-ons with handcrafted, interchangeable styles so that the ring can change and grow along with the marriage.
Victoria Ring Reverse by BG Art
The romantic gesture of the Crown Collection is that a bride should feel and look like a “queen” on her special day. In 10 unique styles, the rings in this series resemble, naturally, the shape of a crown with spectacular jeweled settings. The collection’s signature flair is its sets of paired wedding rings. As such, they can be worn solo, as a duo, or mixed and matched with one of the other styles. Owner Boris Goynatsky explains, “Marriage is more complicated than math, sometimes one plus one becomes more than just two, and this is what my collection represents.”Victoria Ring by BG Art
When worn together as one the rings become a single opulent piece. For example, the Victoria Ring alone appears as a beautiful crown featuring its jewels in rounded diamonds. As a set it forms a crafted, geometric single ring with an intricately placed inner band of stones. The Medichi design is similar only with squared settings. You can also assemble sets in reverse to display the stones outwards. Add-on jewelry pieces in the Crown Collection are meant to reflect the progression of your marriage, and the company markets seven interchangeable anniversary bands that are fitted to be worn in between the wedding sets. You can pair a different finish to complement the piece as in the Sierra 2 configuration which is separated by a platinum anniversary band. Sierra2 Combination Ring by BG Art
Based in Manhattan with access to manufacturers of high-quality diamonds, BG Art Jewelry Atelier is a boutique jewelry company specializing in fine custom jewelry. The entire jewelry-making process, from creation to production, is overseen by the company in NYC, and they only support conflict-free diamonds and natural (no enhanced or man-made) gemstones. Boris Goynatsky has over 15 years experience in the industry, previously working for Stephen Dweck, Seamen Schepps, and Deirdre Featherstone. Similar to marriage, the varied styles are complex, but BG Art can create any design in platinum, white or yellow gold with diamonds or gemstones in 10 days. The anniversary band in 18K white gold retails for $2,300 while the set of Victoria Rings is $4,640.

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