5 Interactive Apps That Make Buying a Luxury Watch Fun

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There are many aspects of the Internet that are simply fabulous— Grumpy Cat GIFs, retail therapy at our finger tips, photo sharing (and inevitably over-sharing)— and now we can add luxury watch apps for our iPads and iPhones to that list. We've compiled a list of the stellar digital apps that have recently become available thanks to the world's top timepiece brands.
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Zenith Watches

Zenith Watches have been around for nearly a century and a half— and this certainly isn’t a stroke of luck. With visionary designs and precise and reliable watches, Zenith has been awarded 2,333 chronometry prizes and eight medals— making it the most titled brand in the field of precision. Three months ago, the brand came out with the Zenith iPad App that allows you to view the all the collections and details of each model.
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IWC Watches

Swiss watch brand IWC produces aesthetically stunning mechanical watches with incredibly advanced service features. IWC Shaffhausen for iPhone allows you to fully explore the collection and, through the use of your camera, virtually try on any timepiece from the IWC current collection. Simply take a quick photo of your wrist and the app will brilliantly superimpose the IWC of your liking onto it. Easy, innovative, and quite frankly, fun.
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We don't need to talk about the luxurious qualities that Rolex watches posses, as they have become a staple for the elite and a true status symbol worldwide. Keeping up with its premier timepiece title, the brand created the 100 Years of Rolex app that is truly spectacular. Essentially a virtual version of Guido Mondani’s book by the same name, this app contains an array of pictures and price guides. You can even search for a specific watch by model and production year or by reference and value. Since this app is so meticulously categorized, finding your dream Rolex is easier than ever.
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Created in Florence, Italy, Panerai watches showcase that inarguably chic Italian design style and creativity that results in true objects of desire. As for the Panerai App, you get a portfolio of products, photos, and descriptions as well a list of all of Panerai's worldwide stores with contact information. In true Italian fashion, however, Panerai decided to make its app a bit more engaging with a tab called “Panerai Fun.” It’s your classic memory test game with 16 cards that you must make pairs out of, instantly making for a fun app— even if you’re too young to know what Panerai is.
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As a major player in watchmaking history, Jaeger-LeCoultre has truly established itself as a pioneer of Swiss watch craftsmanship. The brand's legendary watches, which are crafted through the use of cutting-edge technology and quality materials, have put the label a step above the rest — and so does the Jaeger-LeCoultre App. Like the others, this app contains a detailed list of all the brand's products— but along with that, viewers can enjoy six video tutorials that demonstrate the watchmaking process, from assembly to engraving.

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