BRM Timepiece Incorporates Authentic Oil Capsule in Tribute to Gulf Racing

Photo Courtesy of BRM

Space exploration and maritime history enthusiasts have been enthralled by Romain Jerome's timepieces made from authentic moon rocks and metal recovered from the Titanic. But where does that leave racing fans? French watch company BRM may have the answer.

Bernard Richards Manufacture has collaborated with the legacy of Gulf Racing on timepieces before, but its latest creation takes things a step further. BRM's CNT-44-GULF watch bears the classic color combination of baby blue and orange on its dial and perforated, top-stitched leather strap. But it doesn't leave the association there – the watch actually incorporates a capsule of motor oil formerly used on a Gulf Racing Lola LMP2 racecar into its design.

To accommodate the vial of oil, BRM repositioned the self-winding mechanical movement within its 44-millimeter PVD-coated stainless steel case.

The result is, perhaps, the ultimate tribute to one of the most enduring liveries ever to grace the motor racing scene, but with only 100 examples to be made, each priced at 5,600 euros, the privilege of ownership may be as rare as the cars that have worn the color scheme on the racing circuit.

Noah Joseph

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