Ocean Inspired Collection by Costis Aims to Bring the Marine World to Life

Photos Courtesy of Costis
Inspired by nature and fashioned into metals and jewels, Costis is creating an oceanic fantasy world that you can wear around your fingers. With previous successful collections featuring vertically mobile gems and 360-degree rotating rings, it’s no surprise their Nature Inspires collection is also in motion. The attention to detail and motion of a woman’s movements make these pieces special, they make the stones come alive, which give animation to the sapphire, diamond, and tourmaline studded ocean creatures.

Jewelry designer Costis Chamamtzis, knowing he wanted to be a designer since childhood, attended Benvenuto Cellini Institute of Art in Valenza, Italy to study Jewelry and Industrial Design before working with some of the most popular luxury brands in Europe, and finally opening the doors to his own label in 1994, Costis House of Jewelry & Design. His inspiration comes largely from the world around him, attributes of nature, architecture, and everyday items have been created into stunning works of gold.
Convergences of animals create unexpected texturized elements, the Beehive Starfish set combines features of its namesakes to create unique pieces studded in pink tourmalines. Careful to stay true to nature, each piece is sculpted in a way so that the metal realistically emulates a starfish’s natural movements within the sea. Costis’ ocean inspired pieces also take attributes from his previous collections bringing movement to the jeweled sea life; in his sea life net necklace “the starfish, fish and crabs are all manufactured in such a way that they are moving, giving the impression of being just caught." This attention to detail is what sets his work apart so distinctively. The hanging diamonds at the bottom of the piece are meant to represent the weights while the polished red coral is the buoys floating atop the ocean’s surface.
The natural waves of the sea are represented in a ring that captures the ocean's movements, the stones lightening from deep sapphire to light diamonds to produce the color palate that is characteristic of nature. The crested wave holds a 27.51 CT rare Santa Maria Aquamarine to show the brilliant blue of the sea.
The snail pieces are among Costis’ favorites, the designer hoping that women will slip into his collections and be as comfortable as a snail slipping into its shell. Within the golden bracelets and rings of the shells are starfish, ornately decorating the inside of each piece; the unexpected design lending itself to the continuous theme of living art. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy where Costis creates his artistic tributes to nature.
Costis is available at select Neiman Marcus stores across the country. Oceanic collection pieces range from $3,860-$197,000.

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