Designer Yael Sonia Moves with Rolling Jewels, Spinning Metals and Swinging Gems

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Photos Courtesy of Yael Sonia
Rolling jewels, spinning metals and swinging gems aren’t the things luxury jewelry is made of, unless of course you’re Yael Sonia. Focusing on women that have a passion for the fun, youthful and unique side of style, the veteran designer set out to create a line of jewelry whose movement and life would be an interactive piece in their wardrobe. Now celebrating the 15 year anniversary of her label, Sonia is releasing new items for her collections, adding to her spinning tops, kites and perpetual motion lines.
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Her passion for jewelry was realized when she was a teenager; she sketched jewelry diagrams mostly for fun, until her mom gave her a ring that had been forged by a goldsmith from one of her drawings for her sixteenth birthday. After graduating college with a degree in French literature and translation, she decided to pursue her artistic passions and went to Parson’s School of Design for Metal and Jewelry. Her lifelong dream had been turned into a reality when she began her own company and started designing custom pieces that have now gained her worldwide attention.necklace, earrings, ring
With inspiration coming mostly from the youthful frivolity of playing with toys and listening to music, Sonia uses these feelings, sounds and interactions in a very real way to make her jewelry come to life. The Kite Collection is a direct manifestation of the lighthearted children’s activity, translating the innocence and joys of childhood into her work. Her Perpetual Motion Collection was made to be as light and playful as interactive toys with movable jewels and the clicking of gems in time with the wearers’ movements. Pieces like the spinning oval bracelet, pendulum ball and spinning top necklace give the mobility of the stones and metals a playful personality that seems unique to her brand.yael sonia, jewelry
Without sacrificing luxury for fun, Sonia’s jewelry is 18kt gold and handmade in Sao Paulo, Brazil by skilled artisans and even the designer herself. Producing one-of-a-kind pieces for clients and friends, she blends their own conceptions with her characteristic movements to create couture jewelry. With inventive motion and unequaled originality, Sonia has been nominated for multiple design awards and won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Award for the Spinning Wheel necklace.

Yael Sonia jewelry is available online and at Yael Sonia boutiques worldwide. Priced from $630-$72,000.

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