Mary Margrill Hopes To Capture Inspiration and Memories With Her Jewelry Collection

Mary Margrill, jewelry

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Most jewelry in a woman’s collection is designed to impress. Brightly colored stones, glittering gems, bangles, baubles, dangling pieces –you name it, we’ll wear it. It’s a wardrobe modifying way of making ourselves look good and adding style to our outfit. And while the majority of it is worn to be shown off and admired, there’s always a piece or two tucked in the bottom our jewelry boxes that has sentimental meaning. A family member’s wedding ring, a heirloom watch, or in my case a ruby ring given to me by my mother when I was a child, much too small for my fingers now. All of these are rarely worn, if at all and usually only on special occasions. They’re a reminder of something sacred and special; a thought, a feeling, an idea, something that can be forgotten when it’s hidden away. Mary Margrill’s jewelry tries to recreate those feelings of inspiration and love through her modern and wearable collections.
Mary Margrill, jewelry
The daughter of a celebrated artist, Mary Margrill took a quick passion to design, starting with pottery she created as far back as the third grade. Graduating from Bennington College in Vermont with a BA she moved to San Francisco to take a semester of art and painting classes before returning to the East Coast to persure her Masters in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts. Taking classes at Parsons School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology in her spare time allowed her to gain a full and well-rounded education in design. Even throughout her schooling, her sculptures and paintings were purchased by collectors including the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.Mary Margrill, jewelry
Beginning her own spiritual jewelry line in 2002, M² (pronounced M-squared) was realized from Margrill’s desire to affect people’s lives on an everyday basis with her work. “I had been making art and jewelry for years and one day it dawned on me that I had something I really wanted to share with the world,” she said. “I realized that I had a desire to make a deep and profound difference in people's lives. I figured out that when I design jewelry, I am making talisman that inspire people and remind people what they are committed to in their lives.” Creating pieces that focus on love, spirituality and celebrating yourself, she has fans all over the world including celebrities, who she says, “are attracted to my pieces for the same reasons we all are. They have dreams and challenges and want to find ways to stay grounded and connected to their hearts and souls.”Mary Margrill, jewelry
Pieces formed of gold, diamonds and gemstones turn ideas of love and spirituality into tangible tokens that can be worn every day. Golden bangles that open to remind you to “Believe…anything is possible,” charms asking for “world peace now” and diamond numerology pendants to each represent a different ideology. While not your grandmother’s wedding ring, a symbol of your grandparent’s undying love, the diamond pave, mother of pearl circle ring with the words “Love Strength Wisdom” can still remind you of everything she represented.

M²is available online and priced from $30-$28,000.

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