Leviev's Brilliant "Chameleon" Diamond Ring

High Jewels: When many of us hear the word "chameleon" we think of the amphibian that scales trees and changes colors as a defense mechanism against predators. That isn't what jewelers like Leviev think of.

The chameleon diamond is considered by many one of the rarest gems found on earth. It is very uncommon that one of these stones appears on the market, but Leviev alone has three of the dazzling stones, one soaring in price at $2,100,000.

The newest piece added to their collection of "Fancy Colored Diamonds" is the truly breathtaking Chameleon Diamond Ring. The diamond in question is, of course, the chameleon diamond, which actually changes in color due to temperature and light exposure.

The stones range in color but usually don't stray too far from yellowish-grayish-green, with color variation among the faceted stones themselves. Larger stones allow for more opportunity to see color change, so it's no wonder jewelers are trying to get their hands on the stones if they can.

When heated or stored in a dark place, the gem can undergo a transformation. The jewels change to a more brilliant color featuring brighter greens, yellows, and even oranges.

The transformation, while beautiful and totally unique, is fleeting and a phenomenon not well understood by experts in the field. While chameleon diamonds were first recorded over half a century ago, we still know very little about the fascinating gems, which makes them that much more desirable.

Known for their use of bright, colorful stones, it's fitting that Leviev would seek out these rare stones for their affluent clientele. The Chameleon Diamond Ring not only holds an exquisite chameleon diamond (weighing in at an incredible 5.89 carats) but 8 oval diamonds totaling 1.68 carats and white and pink pave diamonds totaling 1.05 carats.

Like nothing you've seen before, the chameleon diamond is truly for the collectors.

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