Jaipur: The Latest From Marco Bicego Jewelry

Fine Jewelry: Spirited and energetic entrepreneur Marco Bicego has been creatively re-inventing age-old goldsmith techniques and traditions since the young age of 22, when he started working the family business with his father. His love and passion for designing gold jewelry was cultivated, nourished and grew to create the prestigious brand that bears his name in 2000.

On the eve of its 10th birthday, Marco Bicego is busy developing and expanding its collections; the latest of which to be added being Jaipur, the collection of delicate yet demanding styles that exude elegance and make a statement.

A keen eye for superb design and aesthetic paired with dedicated and experienced jewelry makers combines to create the stunning and unique pieces. By celebrating the beauty in nature's imperfections, Marco Bicego brings you rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all touched by the hand of Mother Nature.

The pieces balance Italian history, culture and skilled craftsmanship to create the unmistakable feeling of contemporary style without tampering with the natural beauty of their materials.

The Jaipur collection features some of the most precious stones found on earth, each in unique shapes and cuts, meant to highlight each stone individually. In keeping with Bicego's signature collections, the 18k gold has been rigorously engraved by hand with tiny micro-incisions in Italy, pairing tradition and expert ability.

At first glance, the pieces are unmistakably Marco Bicego, with the gold medallions connected with thin chains, linking a string of precious metal and stones together to form the opulent shapes of their pieces.

Whether it be a cascading necklace, gems trailing provocatively down the neckline of your dress, or the colorful and playful elegance of Jaipur's bracelets, each piece was created by experienced and devoted hands, giving each design a personalized character, allowing both the jewelry and the lucky wearer to make quite a statement.

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