Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic Phantoms - The Beautiful Ghosts of Christmas Present

Luxury Watches: There was a time when luxury meant extravagance; people attempted to outdo one another with intricate designs or conspicuous adornments. Today, economic slowdown and talk about the catastrophic effects of our overindulgent past have awakened a new view on luxury. Bell & Ross has always designed watches for those who appreciate quality and function as much as style, so it is not surprising that the company is now delivering some of our day's most loved luxury products. The new BR-S Phantom watches are indicative of this and consequentially make great gifts for the discerning women in our lives.

The dials on these watches are what make them unique and denominates them as "Phantoms." Every feature from the hour markers and hands to the inner bezel that contours the dial are the same colour. While this has been done before in black with Bell & Ross' infamous BR-01 Phantoms, the all-white version is new and has arrived just in time for the holidays. The monochromatic dial is surprisingly easy to read thanks to the size and relief of the numeral and index markers. When witnessed for the first time it often incites curiosity and a reaction. Once the lights go out the strong photo luminescence of the dial's features becomes evident. The green glow is particularly remarkable for the all-black Phantom. It seemingly defies logic.

The Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic Phantoms are simple and perfect. The case, which is constructed almost entirely of ceramic is a 39mm square that is inspired by the timepiece's big brothers, the BR-01 and BR-03. While the company's other square watches are decisively military, the BRS captures a much more elegant feel thanks to a slimmer profile, smaller crown and lugs, and the unique glossy finish of the ceramic.

A watch is not finished without a suiting bracelet. Bell & Ross have released a new one concurrently with the Phantoms. Thin, rectangular ceramic links form the new BR-S Ceramic bracelet, perfectly suiting the Phantom's ultra simple elegance. The ceramic band displays a beautiful glossy finish and a folding, two-button "deployante" clasp that is integrated within its structure. Other interchangeable alternatives are rubber, glossy patent leather, and alligator straps. It is common and enjoyable to have multiple bracelets to interchange in accordance to events or moods.

The new BR-S Ceramic Phantoms perfectly balance luxury, simplicity, and individuality. The all-white and all-black designs, combined with different bracelet options can suit the most elegant wardrobe while remaining light and fun. Bell & Ross has produced a great gift for any one who appreciates the finer things in life.

By Marco Gagliano
JustLuxe Contributor
Expert in Bell & Ross Watches,

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