Tine De Ruysser's Banknote Jewelry Collection

Fine Jewelry: Tine De Ruysser is quickly becoming a sensation with her Banknote Jewellery collection.

Tine explains her inspiration for the collection stems from traditional gold jewelry: Gold jewelry can be worn to show how wealthy the wearer is, or as an easy way to keep one's worldly possessions within reach at all times. Similarly, wearing money around one's neck shows one's wealth. Even though the banknotes are folded so one can never see the whole note, they are still clearly recognizable as money. It is hard or impossible to see the value of the notes though, like it is difficult to judge what carat gold was used for a piece of jewelry. In both cases different colors can be chosen.

Banknote Jewellery uses bills from countries like South Africa, Australia, China, Argentina, Bhutan and the USA and Tine's innovative techniques to turn them into head-turning jewelry styles ranging from bracelets to necklaces to pins.

Each piece of jewelry uses bills that are legal tender at the time of their creation. Because each piece is folded using an innovative origami-like process, the jewelry can also be undone and used for money.

Carly Zinderman

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