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Thomas Prescher: Luxury Watchmaking Camp in Switzerland

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Luxury Watches: As luxury vacation tours go, this one stands out as being in a category unlike any other.

While many of us would no doubt happily take possession and wear one of these stunning watches, how many of you would be truly interested in observing one being made? Thomas Prescher, owner of the eponymous firm, is inviting all impassioned watch lovers this month to attend and participate in a watch-making camp at his studio in Twann, Switzerland.

In case such prospects alone do not prompt you to drop everything and start packing with reckless abandonment. Keep in mind that Twann is predominately a picturesque forest area with grat lakes and scenery. There are great hiking and biking adventures in this grape-growing region that features various wineries throughout the quaint village. Attendees of the luxury-watchmaking camp will get to see what goes into making such a delicate instrument and then be able to work on a real tourbilion bridge at an actual table under the guidance of a horologist in Prescher's workshop.

Just one look at the wristwatch collections of Thomas Prescher is all it takes to note the craftsmanship and quality of the Switzerland-based watchmaker. A peek at the $500,000 or more price tag that accompanies these watches also confirms that technologically flawless collectible timepieces are priced accordingly.

There are other prominent watchmakers that have offices in the quaint village. Omega, Tissot, and Rolex also have ateliers in Twann.

While we lightheartedly wax over the crowd this watchmakers' camp may attract, Mr. Prescher's reputation among collectible watch owners in the reparation and restoration of the world's most complex and accurate timepieces is a matter of record. Many makers of collectible timepieces have a history that dates back centuries. Thomas Prescher founded his company in 2002. It is an incredible accomplishment.
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