Baume & Mercier: 'Jumping Hour' Debuts in William Baume Collection 2010

Luxury Watches: There was a television commercial years ago about a financial institution that had such a history for knowing what was next that everyone would freeze and listen whenever it spoke. The message being that if you wanted to be in on the latest profitable investments, this company's pedigree makes it the best source.

Without the hype of a sophisticated marketing endeavor, Switzerland-based Baume & Mercier is regarded similarly among watchmakers and collectors of fine watches. While time may not stand still when word is abuzz that news is breaking from Baume & Mercier, the top watchmakers of the world stop and take note.

A company with a track record of excellence that dates back more than 180 years has that type of effect. The firm is among the 10 longest existing Swiss-watch brands and has been winning awards for its excellence since the 19th century. B&M has earnestly achieved its status as a leader in the industry.

The William Baume Collection 2010 introduces the Jumping Hour series of wristwatches. This is a limited edition that embodies the venerable watchmaker's commitment to contemporary style and classic design in one sweeping movement. "Jumping Hour" refers to the watch having the hour displayed through an aperture instead of an hour hand.

The watch display for hours on the Jumping Hour series appears at the 12 o'clock position of the watch face. It comes in a polished/satin finished 18-karat red gold case, which strikingly complements the red-gold minute and seconds hands as well as the buckle of the watch's hand-stitched alligator strap. The alligator strap is available in black and chocolate brown.

There are two variants and four versions of the Jumping Hour watches. The dial of the watch is offered in silver and black for both variants of the Jumping Hour watches. The gold weight of the watch is 55 grams. The quantity to be made is limited to 40 for each dial version, and each version retails at $19,900.

The William Baume Collection 2010 also includes limited editions of previously released watches. It is an annual tradition that effectively addresses the company's demand among collectors while maintaining the brand's exclusivity in one sweeping movement.

For those of you with intimate familiarity of Baume & Mercier, the phrase "one sweeping movement" accurately and precisely defines the stalwart company's impressive history.


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