Aug. 7th, 2013

The Left Shoe Company Blends Tradition and Technology for Custom Bespoke Shoes

Photos Courtesy of The Left Shoe Company
Menís shoe designers are really stepping it up a notch; gone are the days when the only options consisted of dress shoes or sneakers. There is now casual footwear that gives men a polished look without having to jump into their Sunday best. Even betterótheyíll be made just for you. The Left Shoe Company offers made-to-measure shoes using a blend of technology and traditional craftsmanship to give men a way to create their own perfect shoe.

Founded in 1998 in Finland, the Left Shoe Company now has locations worldwide including Dubai, Naples and Kobe. They opened their first American flagship store earlier this summer on Melrose in Los Angeles, CA. The 1,700 square foot store was designed to bring impeccable quality stateside, with a shopping experience to match a gentlemanís lifestyle. At its opening the company offered twenty-three different styles in at least ten color pallets and materials, with six different sole options. Thatís a lot of mix and match.

To create your perfect made-to-measure shoe, they start by taking a photo of your foot (itís much fancier than it sounds) in a 3D scanner creating a perfect 360 degree image. This way your shoe can be made to your exact specifications not only in length, but also in height and width. Once they have your measurements you can choose which style of shoe you want; they range from oxfords to boots to golf shoes, so youíll easily find more than one you love. After that itís just a matter of colors and fabrics. If you prefer a traditional look you may want to try a cognac leather, but if youíre more of a rock íní roller they have some pretty awesome red and electric blue suedes. Elvis wasnít singing about those shoes for nothing.

The Left Shoe Company footwear is available online and in their boutiques worldwide. Priced from $395-$675.
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