Need To Keep Dry? This Alexander McQueen Umbrella Is Subtle But Awesome

Alexander McQueen Umbrella

Photo Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

I’ll be the first to confess as much as I love the chilly cold and holiday traditions of winter (not to mention the clothes) the season as a whole—pretty much sucks. It’s freezing, dark and wet. And growing up in Southern California means two things: one, I can’t drive in the rain and two, for the few weeks it does rain in this generally perfect climate I find myself without an umbrella. For the rest of the world, umbrellas are a winter staple—unless of course you’re more of the “singing in the rain” kind of guy. For men, the black umbrella is simple, understated—and let’s face it, a little boring. I get that you don’t want to rock a bright blue umbrella with clouds down Fifth Avenue, but Alexander McQueen has a way for you to accessorize (yes guys, it’s an accessory) with classic black and still have a little fun. Their foldable skull umbrella gives you all the professional sleekness of the traditional basics, but with a silver finish brass skull handle. While it looks edgy and dark, it’s not too large, so you can be stylish without overstating what a badass you are.

Marissa Stempien

Marissa Stempien graduated with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Asian Studies from San Francisco State University. Previously a beauty editor, Marissa now utilizes her love and passion of luxurious fashion everyday as Fashion Editor of JustLuxe. Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Marissa has traveled to various cities across the globe, most recently returning from living abroad...(Read More)

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