Alexander McQueen Video Gets Spooky For Spring/Summer 2014

Alexander McQueen Men's Spring 2014 video

Photo Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

It looks like the ladies aren’t the only ones getting a disturbing video from Alexander McQueen this spring; guys you now have your own nightmare fodder—hooray. Aside from being 100% creeptastic, we can’t deny that the guys in this Twilight-zone of a film aren’t dressed well—because they’re dressed very well—maybe too well. Maybe it’s the haunting notes or the smoky black and white shots, but we’ve never seen a runway look as terrifying as this. We get that Alexander McQueen is only Alexander McQueen when it gets under our skin just a bit, but this spring—between this video and the Kate Moss shoot—they went for seriously freaky.

Focusing less on the mysterious models (maybe it’s just the eerie music?), and more on the collection, and suddenly we sort of like the video—or at least the new pieces. Lace prints, skulls and baroque styling are a focus point and are seen on shirts, jackets, even shoes. Doubled breasted skull jackets are paired with lace patterned shirts as well as striped blazers with floral embroidery. Thick knits are woven to emulate the look of the stylized lace. Shot by John Maybury, the film offers a cool glimpse at the Spring/Summer 2014 collection—that is if you can make it through the video without getting the creeps.


Marissa Stempien

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