A Gift Guide to Our Favorite Father's Day Fashion Finds For Any Dad

father's day gift guide

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For dad’s, Father’s Day can be a bit—dull. He’ll get the obligatory Hallmark card, maybe a tie and likely get to pick where the family is going for dinner, but wouldn’t it be cool to get pop something he’d really enjoy? Whether your dad is laid-back, nerdy, fashionable or thinks Mulberry is a type of new fusion fruit, there will be something here for dad to kick his style into high gear. We’re not talking about techy suits or style-blogger trends that he would never wear (though it would be cool if he did!), but some of the more fashionable pieces that dad might not even think to get for himself. Ahead you'll find the perfect gifts to give this Father's Day no matter his style—and might even find a few things for yourself.

Mulberry leather shoe care kit
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Mulberry (not a fruit) has designed a leather shoe care kit for all those classy dads that want to make sure their footwear stays in tip-top shape. Encased in a black, vegetable-tanned, leather bag are two shoe cleaning kits, one in a black and one in clear for different shades of leather. If dad travels a lot for work or pleasure this bag is flight-ready and can keep some of your father’s favorite kicks looking as sharp as the day he bought them. Mulberry leather shoe care kit is available at Matches Fashion and priced at $456.

 Alexander McQueen pocket square
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For those rocker dads that are still in a band (and they’re totally going to make it someday!) we dig Alexander McQueen’s Gothic pocket square. It’s printed with lace and skulls to channel that edgy vibe, but is still chic enough that he can wear it to his day job—you know, until the band gets signed. Cut from pure silk and made in Italy, the design embodies pretty much everything we love about McQueen’s designs—it’s tasteful, dark and romantic all at the same time. Hey, maybe your dad will write his breakout song about it? Alexander McQueen’s lace print silk pocket square is available at Harrods and priced at £95 (approx. $159).

Luis Morais gold, jadeite and glass bracelet
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For dads with a hippie-vibe or laid-back style, gifts like a polishing kit or pocket handkerchief are way too square, man. To get some of that free spirit flowing try Luis Morais’ gold, jadeite and glass bracelet set that offers a unique set of beads made from glass and stone, so no two bracelets are exactly alike. Accessorized with “gold bhupura symbols, used in Eastern philosophy as a meditative design,” this jewelry can take on a deeper meaning and help dad when he’s meditating on the beach, in a drum circle or at his morning yoga class. It’s pretty far out. Luis Morais’ gold, jadeite and glass bead bracelet set is available at Mr Porter and priced at $1,895.

 Muonionalusta meteorite cufflinks
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If your pop has a penchant for all things space, sci-fi and that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff then sure, the complete series of Doctor Who could be pretty cool. But before you ship dad a life-size TARDIS (complete with sound effects!), it might be better to find him something he could actually use. Tateossian London has a limited edition pair of cufflinks that have actually been in space—sort of. Set in 18 karat gold, Muonionalusta meteorites are among the oldest on Earth, having thought to have impacted the Earth’s surface in Kikiojarvi, Sweden a million years ago. How that’s for traveling though time and space? The Square Muonionalusta Meteorite cufflinks are available at Tateossian London and priced at $1,800.

Marc Jacobs baseball cap
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There’s nothing like a father and son spending time at a baseball game, but if dad is still just as much of a diehard fan as he ever was, you might want to get him a cap to spruce up his style. He might be most comfortable in a baseball hat, but it doesn’t always need to declare his love for the Dodgers, does it? We love the simple (team-free!) look of this white, leather baseball cap. Trimmed in black rubber, the body is 100 percent calfskin and made in Italy, so it’s ready for a game of style. Marc Jacobs White Calfskin Baseball Cap is available and Ssense and priced at $525.

Burberry alligator watch case
Photo Courtesy of Burberry

For the globe trotter that may or may not even be in town for Father’s Day, we love the idea of getting him something to make all those traveling experiences easier and more luxurious. To keep all his timepieces neat and organized, Burberry’s alligator leather watch case is the perfect accessory for taking along on bumpy, international flights. Holding up to three watches at a time, the case is made of 100 percent alligator leather, suede lining and polished metal hardware. Burberry’s alligator leather watch travel case is available online and priced at $6,250.

John Hardy Poleng silver tie clip
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Maybe it’s tradition in your house for dad to get a tie every year, but to mix it up just a touch (without taking away from his expanding tie collection), we love the idea of adding a tie clip or bar into the mix. Of course what kind depends on his personality and style, but one of our favorites is the John Hardy Poleng tie clip, which is handcrafted in Bali and offers a little personality with a touch of black rather than a solid metal piece. John Hardy Poleng silver tie clip is available at Neiman Marcus and priced at $350.

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