From Top Hats to Tight Pants: This is How Men's New Year's Eve Style Has Changed Over the Last Century

Still trying to decide on what to wear on New Year’s Eve? Well you have about 100 years of inspiration to pull from. The guys over at Mode Studios have put together a three-minute video capturing the last century of NYE fashion ranging from the top-hat and tux look of 1915 to the frilly leisure suits of the ‘70s. While we would recommend staying away from some of the more obviously dated pieces (ascots anyone?), a few of these could spark some serious sartorial inspiration this season. The 1930s burgundy smoking jacket could use a revival and we love that they’re bringing back the bow tie from the first half of the century. Watch the video to help narrow down your look for NYE or just defer to the current 2015 outfit—you can’t go wrong in a blue suit paired with some glittering cuffs and a paisley pocket square.


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