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Akoya Amphibious Sports Plane by LISA Airplanes Launches in Mid-2012

Sep. 21st, 2011 | Comments 1 | Make a Comment   
Photo Courtesy of LISA Airplanes
The plain truth about LISA Airplanes? Akoya is that it is a completely equipped, high-end airplane whose potential for adventure is unlimited. The France-based aviation company has a light amphibious sports plane that can takeoff and touch down while requiring only 650 feet of space to do so.

It is equally efficient at this task on a snow-covered runway and on water. Powered by a 100-horsepower Rotax engine, which is about 93 more horsepower than my lawnmower, this two-seat aircraft travels up to 680 miles on 18.5 gallons of unleaded fuel at a maximum cruising speed of 130 mph.†

"In addition to its design, which immediately captivated me, the Akoya is a very pleasant airplane to pilot," said Gťrald Ducoin, a professional EPNER test pilot.†"The sea foils are truly revolutionary and offer both fast lift-off and stability. They also considerably simplify landing maneuvers and taking off from water; In spite of its impressive technical capabilities." EPNER is a French test pilot school located at the Instres le Tube Airbase. Pilot Ducoin further stated that the Akoya is a very accessible aircraft that will fully satisfy its future buyers.

"Offering more than just another new plane on the market, LISA Airplanes brings a further dimension to light aviation by developing the concept of recreational flying, where going from Point A to Point B becomes both simpler and faster, making it a real pleasure once again," explains Erick Herzberger, president and co-founder of LISA Airplanes.

The light amphibious sports plane features pivoting wings that make storing and transporting it very convenient. A company spokesperson advised that it anticipates a delivery date to first customers by mid-2012. The base price of an Akoya is around $410,000, or €300,000. For more information, visit

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Saad Shaheed commented on September 30, 2011

†WOW this is amazing

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