Fly Year-Round in a Private Jet For the Price of A Mercedes

Invision Air

Photo Courtesy of Invision Air
Invision Air, a private jet charter company based out of India, has recently launched its own Jet Card membership program that will allow frequent flyers with a taste for luxury and an eye for the best airlines, the ability to practically own their own jet without the maintenance costs. Founder Vinit Phatak said, ““Using a Jet Card provides all the primary benefits of owning a jet without the high investment and headaches. We have structured our programs at a price point similar to a 3-series BMW/C-Class Mercedes, 5 series BMW/E-Class Mercedes, and a 7-series BMW/S-Class Mercedes; so if you can afford to buy one of these cars, you can afford to fly in a private jet.”

Additionally, the new program will be excellent for those who may already own a jet, but are in need of access to a luxury airline that is both high quality and reliable. The entry level of the program is between 25 hours per year, which equates to about six to eight trips, but extends through 100 hours per year. The program includes three tiers: Silver (25 hours), Gold (50 hours) and Platinum (100 hours). As part of the Jet Card membership, flyers will enjoy the ability to book last minute flights, get better pricing on tickets, enjoy smoother aircraft interchange and no-hassle transferability to non-Invision aircraft if necessary, among several other perks.

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