Facebook Makes Flying A Social Affair

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t make sharing any bigger, the social media giant is now extending its reaches into the world of flying. In conjunction with Facebook, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Malaysia are launching Meet & Seat and MHbuddy, respectively— a socially savvy attempt to make flying an interactive experience. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Meet & Seat allows travelers who have similar interests or backgrounds to be sat together, and facilitates pre-flight meetings for those attending the same conferences or events.

Managing Director of LKM, Erik Varwijk said, “With Meet & Seat, KLM takes social networking a step forward. This new service connects passengers and aims to give them a more inspirational journey.” Passengers can connect with fellow travelers by entering their Facebook or LinkedIn account when signing up to be a part of Meet & Seat, however, it is only available during intercontinental flights. Initially, KLM’s social flying experience will begin as a pilot program between Amsterdam and New York as well as San Francisco and Sao Paulo.

From 90 days to 48 hours before departure, participants can choose to participate in the Meet & Seat travel option with the KLM Manage my Booking portal on the company website. Other options include changing seats once boarded as well as the ability to withdraw your social media profile. Malaysia Airlines’ MHbuddy is managing their social flying with a Facebook application which allows flyers to have access to photos and seat choices of any Facebook friends who may be sharing the flight or destination.(Photo Courtesy of KLM)

Although this innovative use of social media is turning heads of potential flyers and airlines alike, not everyone has been convinced of successful the programs will be. There have already been comments on KLM’s Facebook citing feelings of discomfort regarding the amount of exposure to personal information these programs allow. Despite optional participation and the ability to withdraw profiles once submitted, personal information will be open to both the companies as well as anyone else involved. Although, KLM promises information will not be given to third parties.

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