Jumpjet Brings Affordable Private Jet Travel to 40 U.S. Cities

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Photo Courtesy of Jumpjet

Membership-based luxury travel club Jumpjet will begin accepting members in October for private jet flights that will depart from 40 U.S. cities beginning on November 1, 2012.

For a monthly fee, members will be able to access private business jets at a price point that is comparable to commercial first-class flights.

"With the membership model's accessible price point, we anticipate the launch of Jumpjet will bring new customers to private aviation, supporting the charter industry and operators as a whole," said Will Aschcroft, founder and CEO of Jumpjet. "There are also countless travelers frustrated by their current flying experience and would like to upgrade but haven't considered the possibility because it is price prohibitive. With the introduction of Jumpjet, we believe we can change the way millions of people travel and bring luxury and value together in a new and truly positive way."
The new luxury travel club offers three types of membership plans: the Upper Club, the Upper Club Plus, and the Coast-to-coast Elite. The Upper Club plan includes 10 round-trip flights per calendar year to destinations with a range of 1,750 miles at $2,350 per month. The Upper Club Plus option includes 10 round-trip flights per calendar year to destinations with a range of 2,250 miles at $3,995 per month. The Coast-to-coast Elite selection includes 10 round-trip flights anywhere within the United States at $5,500 per month.
Additionally, companion passes are available for $1,250 to $2,000 per guest. Jumpjet also has an innovative Jump Shared Program, which offers the same features as the Upper Club and Upper Club Plus programs, while permitting up to 10 contacts to share the monthly fee.

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