JetSuite Expands Luxury Fleet With Customized CJ3 Aircrafts

JetSuite has been one of the nation's quickest-growing luxury private jet companies and they announced some pretty big changes this month. Not only have they expanded their fleet to double its previous size, those 15 new planes will be customized Cessna Citation CJ3's. Not only are the planes design to fly overwater, they're pretty powerful and can apparently climb to 45,000 feet in a mere 27 minutes and can cruise at up to 480 miles per hour.

Bookings for the fleet expansion began on October 9, with flights beginning November 19 and just in time for holiday travel. The CJ3's addition allows the fleet to fly farther and fit more people than ever before. They can fly up to 2,000 miles and fit six passengers, plus a seventh if you really need to but they'll have to sit on a smaller seat that faces sideways.

During the first year of service, the CJ3 will be flying "between any points east of the Mississippi and from the East to and from Aspen and Vail, and through Eastern Canada and the Caribbean." Since the new fleet is designed for overwater flights, more nonstop opportunities open up, meaning that it's going to take less time to get to where you need to be then it would on average flights.

Mila Pantovich

An avid traveler, Mila Pantovich splits her time between San Diego, CA and Banff, AB Canada. She has been featured in several publications, including Huffington Post and Citizine, and also works in marketing for a prestigious law firm. Follow her travels on Instagram: @MilaPantovich ...(Read More)

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