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Traveling across the globe can be great, but for us constant jet-setters we generally hit a point where we feel as if we have seen it all. If you have stars in your eyes – and by that, we literally mean stars – then this holiday season the Space Expedition Corporation has something that might be right up your trajectory; a luxury flight into space.

Part of the Founding 100 Astronaut Program, a once in a lifetime opportunity, offers 100 lucky travelers the chance to be part of its inaugural flight to space in 2014 and fulfill their childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.
 fly to space
Available for $100,000, the program has already signed on 75 astronauts in training; including blonde bombshell and Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes and world-renowned master of beats, DJ Armin van Buuren. Included with the purchase is mission training, invitations to events and trips, test flight attendance, the Solar Eclipse Australia festival, as well as a three-night stay at a first-class luxury hotel in Curacao. Once all seats have been booked, a raffle will be hosted in which a name will be drawn to determine which one of the 100 “Founder Astronauts” will be the first to travel into space.  fly to space
For this stellar experience, passengers will board the sustainable and piloted, SXC Lync Spaceship, which only carries two people at a time. This limitation allows the passenger an unparalleled experience of being able to co-pilot the ship – giving them an authentic space voyage and educational experience during the mission. Once the Lynx Spaceship reaches its maximum height of 64 miles (the official frontier of space begins at 62.1 miles) the passenger will be able to officially call themselves an astronaut. Surrounded by darkness and space, once the new astronaut reaches this height they will be able to look down and view the entire Earth in all its wonder before once again descending towards land.

So this holiday season, why not trade in your ordinary trip for an extraordinary voyage? Flights will launch from the Curacao spaceport and the air and spaceport in Mojave.

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