BMW DesignworksUSA Creates New First Class Cabins for Singapore Airlines

Photos Courtesy of BMW DesignworksUSA
Singapore Airlines has a reputation for offering some of the finest First Class accommodations in the world. But it didn't get there by cutting corners, and it is intent on maintaining the standard the Asian airlines set for itself. So to redesign the first class cabins on its 777s, Singapore Airlines teamed up with BMW DesignworksUSA. And with good reason.

Not only has DesignworksUSA worked on BMW and Rolls-Royce automobile cabins, they have also designed interiors for Boeing Business Jets, Embraer and Dassault Aviation. What it did for Singapore Airlines is create individual cocoons of comfort and luxury onboard the aircraft. The partitions separating each seat have been extended for increased privacy, and the leather seats can recline fully into a cushy flat bed measuring 35 inches wide and 82 inches long — that's nearly seven feet, up two inches from the previous accommodations. Ambient lighting is integrated discretely into the design, a new upholstery technique keeps the leather taut even after hours of use, personal storage cubbies abound, and the fold-out tables extend elegantly without the need for folding mechanisms.
With offices around the world, DesignworksUSA extensively researched cool and warm colors to provide for an optimal relaxing atmosphere. “In First Class the topics are luxury, infotainment and the service quality that is expressed by design. Efficiency and functionality have priority," says the company's president Laurenz Schaffer. “Our studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Munich worked very closely together on these projects. Our global locations and our long standing presence in Asia helped us to meet the demands of Singapore Airlines, as well as the expectations of international flight passengers.”

The new cabins are being introduced on the airline's extended-range 777-300ER operating select flights between Singapore and London.

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