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New 2014 Generation 5 Cirrus Aircraft Lights Up the Sky

Cirrus Aircraft

Photos Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft

Last week, Cirrus Aircraft revealed the many upgrades they've made to their 2014 Generation 5 SR-Series airframes. Having only been launched earlier this year, the new model apparently personifies their dedication to industry-leading innovation, and with a host of new features — like LED lights and better brakes — the new version is a huge improvement.

 Cirrus Aircraft

"The most immediately recognizable new feature for 2014 is that we have brought luxury automobile LED lighting technology to the airplane, a first in our segment," says Todd Summons, Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Customer Support. The new lights not only look really cool, they also promise to enhance performance with a higher level of clarity and brightness. Called Cirrus Integrated LED Technology, the multi-function system reduces drag by being integrated into the wing and provides many different uses, from navigational purposes to assist in landing.

 Cirrus Aircraft

Inspired by luxury sports cars, the aircraft has a flashy Carbon Appearance package that comes in a wide array of colors. Interior details include jet black vents, carbon fiber instrument panel lobes and two-tone leather bolster seats. If you want something a little more elegant, try the Platinum package upgrade. With earthy exterior colors, the aircraft features nickel vents and solid color leather seats.

 Cirrus Aircraft

In terms of safety, the new plane has a Beringer brake system that reduces the weight while still giving the same stopping power. The power is achieved through a smaller rotor, which performs at a cooler operation temperature than other rotors. The tubeless tires also help by reducing the risk of leaks and failures.

The 2014 Generation 5 is available for pre-order with prices ranging from $350K to $590K for the first quarter of 2014.

 Cirrus Aircraft


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