ShareAJet Exchange Program Stimulates Luxury Jet Travel

Private Jet-Chartering Services: While other private jet-chartering companies are trying to remain up in the air until things get better, Blue Star Jets is flying higher than ever with its innovative online ShareAJet Exchange Program. It is a service that could be the upscale-travel alternative of the future, as it is cost-effective and provides the ultimate in luxury-level flight standards. This is an online social network that enables two parties traveling to the same destination to share a private jet at half the cost. It is a compelling combination that many affluent frequent flyers are finding just too good to resist.

According to Ricky Sitomer, CEO of Blue Star Jets, the feedback for the Share-A-Jet Exchange Program has been incredible. "A lot of our customers cannot believe this never existed before. Clients are asking for it, so why not give them what they want?"

The online flight-exchange program is an excellent example of how a luxury-service provider can use social networking to reach out to high-end clientele. While it is an excellent marketing tool for BSJ, the online forum also offers value to customers in that its 100-percent transparency keeps prices of flights on private business jets competitive. Along with flyers seeking and posting their flights, numerous industry professionals, such as flight operators, travel agents and travel brokers also are members of the ShareAJet Exchange Program.

When asked whether the flight-sharing program is a short-term or a long-term option, Sitomer said, "It is a service that's here to stay. The value proposition is unbeatable with the luxury of flying privately at half the cost. It's a win-win proposition."

Sitomer also conveyed that the majority of customers using the ShareAJet program are private individuals and not business travelers. When factoring in the current global economic conditions, the current mix of customers is totally understandable, especially with many businesses reducing expenses in all directions. However, Ricky Sitomer remains confident in his company's business model appealing to both affluent vacationers and the corporate community.

"Leisure travelers are the bulk of our patrons, so far, with flights to L.A. to New York, New York to Florida, the north-to-south crowd, and the weekend vacationers. They love the convenience and quality time it affords them." Sitomer added, "It will gain popularity in business circles, too. In the long run, it saves lots of money."

The robust success of the flight-exchange program has spawned other private jet-pooling networks to surface. However, being first does have its advantages, as BSJ's ShareAJet Exchange Program contains more shareable itineraries, and it has the largest database of travel professionals posting information 24/7 year round. Blue Star Jet's track record in the private-aviation industry has traction. Since 2005, the highly valued Luxury Institute, a NY-based independent research organization known for its info-rich reports on the high net-worth consumer, has named Blue Star Jets the Most Prestigious Private Jet Services Brand.

With the average time of a flight lasting more than three hours, Sitomer also pointed out that sharing a private jet could result in meeting valuable allies or making new friends. "There also are great networking opportunities to consider, both socially and professionally, since many of the individuals sharing a flight have similar social and economic backgrounds."

While becoming a member of is free, the savings incurred and the services received are substantial. After all, how often do you get to call an extreme luxury service posh and prudent? For more information, visit and

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