Private Aircraft: Cirrus, the leader in personalized aircraft has taken its dedication to comfortable personal air travel one step further with the introduction of the Cirrus Xi option.

In order to make every air traveler feel right at home, the Xi option gives travelers the ability to work with Cirrus designers and customize their plane. Working side by side with Cirrus’ skilled team of aircraft designers at their headquarters in Duluth, MN, anybody can become a designer, to choose their own customization options for an unmatched experience. Every detail of the aircraft can be customized from an individualized color palette, stitching, exterior graphics and seating materials. With the Xi option, designers can even opt to include company logos and family crests.

Since it began in 1984, Cirrus has consistently revolutionized and brightened up the field of personal aircraft, ensuring the ultimate luxury, quality, style and safety for each consumer. And the new Xi option takes that special heritage one step further, allowing everyone to be a designer.

For JustLuxe Carly Zinderman
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