Feb. 3rd, 2010

Bell 429 Helicopters Fly in Luxury & Public Service Circles

Luxury Helicopters: Looking for a new thrill for that tedious, time-consuming morning commute? Hey, even if you are sipping Champagne from the backseat of a limo like a credit-card company honcho, the pitch of this tone just may ring your chimes.

A Bell 429 helicopter is among the most unique airway rides in the sky. It toils amazingly as it is suited to handle island hopping or rush hour “fly-overs” equally well.

It is quiet, seats six, and is surprisingly roomy for both riders and baggage. Bell makes helicopters suited for law-enforcement, emergency-medical services, and rescue-service personnel.

The Offshore Bell also would be an ideal complement for a yacht’s fleet of alternative modes of transportation, along with a RIB, a cigarette boat, jet skies, and more.

Precious-cargo carriers: Offshore Bell 429 hauls 2,700 pounds; Corporate Bell 429 transports six execs. RIB—rigid inflatable boats.

For JustLuxe James Rothaar

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