Continental Shows Sneak Peak at Boeing 787 Dreamliner's Interior

Luxury Aircraft: Continental Airlines offered a sneak peak at the interior of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft at the 2010 National Business Travel Association (NBTA) International Convention & Expo the week of August 9. The 787 Dreamliner's innovative cabin environment and advanced aerodynamic design, which enable it to fly farther, faster and more efficiently, is prompting industry-wide attention.

Mr. Dave Hilfman, Continental's senior vice president of worldwide sales, said that this aircraft will change the future of travel with its customer experience and superior economic performance. The spacious aircraft will provide customers with more floor space and luggage storage area. The lowering of cabin altitude to 6,000 feet is another key feature, as it will reduce the adverse effects of pressurization on customers. The aircraft also will feature the largest windows of any commercial airplane, and the shading of the windows is electronically adjustable.

Another big thing sure to excite future customers of Continental's 787 will be its largest-in-the-industry overhead storage bins. Each customer will be able to fit one standard-size carry-on bag. The Dreamliner's air purification system will maintain cleaner cabin air and allow a higher humidity level that will reduce the effects of dryness on passengers. Additionally, there are improvements in noise reduction both inside and outside the cabin. The aircraft will have 228 seats, including 36 of its new flatbed BusinessFirst seats.

Continental Airlines has firm orders for 25 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and is scheduled to begin delivery third quarter 2011.

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