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Fine Art Photography by Rock Paper Photo Online Gallery

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Photo Courtesy of Rock Paper Photo
Great moments in music, sports, fashion, Hollywood, and the performing arts are on display at the online, fine art photography gallery of Rock Paper Photo. "David Bowie" by Andrew Kent is currently the featured collection of the online gallery.

Kent also has a collection of photographs of The Beatles. There are six separate collections of The Beatles by five different photographers, plus the AP Collection, which includes various photographers.

Images are produced in limited quantities and offered in numerous sizes. Photographs are available framed and unframed. Generally, between 50 and 200 fine art prints per collection are produced. The respective photographers of the various collections individually sign each piece.

There is fine art photography that dates back to the 1920s. The gallery breaks down its selections into numerous genres and classifications. Some of the actors in the mix include Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Madonna, and Farah Fawcett.

The photography throughout the gallery is excellent, despite the selections being limited in several sections. For example, the Sports section has only two photographs by Jim Britt of Muhammad Ali; great images but only two in the entire section. The Comedy section of the gallery has photos by Bonnie Schiffman of the fictitious-first, then-real rock band Spinal Tap. The area also has a photograph by John E. Aaron of actor/comedian John Belushi.

Rock Paper Photo has a buyer's guide section that offers helpful information for aspiring and new collectors of fine art photography. There are valuable tips that cover the basics on collecting photography for hobby and profit.

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