Fine Art and Pop Culture in One
KULT Studio

Here is a slice of arts and culture that is both artistic and fun. The KULT is a club and an online art gallery that provides original and limited edition fine art selections that originate from animation, comics, and pop culture.

There are pieces and collections from renowned animators and artists as well as art from major entertainment companies, such as 20th Century Fox, Hanna-Barbera, Disney, Lucasfilm, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Iconic pop culture figures from Homer Simpson to Captain Kirk to Bugs Bunny are featured in very creative and thematic renderings.

A great example of how the art represented by KULT combines classic and contemporary so uniquely is seen in Max Fleischer’s animated cartoon character, Betty Boop. She is paired with Andy Warhol (Warhol Betty Boop), Pablo Picasso (Picasso Betty), and Snow White (Betty Boop) in the work of three different artists.

There is evocative artwork from hundreds of artists to select from that expands on recognizable imagery and takes off in a direction that redefines perspective. Mark Ryden’s Saint Barbie puts a new face on one the world’s most famous dolls.  

Along with the artwork, there is a "learn" page on KULT’s website that presents brief summaries on various terms used frequently when discussing artwork. A certificate of authenticity is issued for each work, and the pieces are available with or without a museum-quality frame. There is even a financial incentive that adds more value to the art. Ten percent of the price of artwork is applicable toward future purchases. For more information, visit

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