How Much Could Your Instagram Photos be Worth?

A free photo sharing program that was initially launched in October of 2010, Instagram gained immediate popularity for its artsy, Polaroid-like effect on photographs taken with simple cell phone cameras. With its distinctly vintage appeal and grainy yet vibrant colors, Instagram allowed even those without a photographer’s eye to feel like an artist. Best of all, beautiful pieces of artwork could be captured armed solely with their iPhone. As a result, a Starbucks coffee sitting on a window ledge, a self taken photograph in the front seat of a car, or a patch of grass given the Instagram treatment can be found on almost every Facebook page or blog site.

Now, a team of four innovators have launched, a company that uses Instagram photographs taken by people all over the world and has made them available for purchase on stretched canvas.
Capitalizing on the way Instagram capabilities have made artists and photographers out of everyday people, makes it easy to buy and share personal photographs. Anyone can sign up to create a personal gallery by loading their pictures onto the site where art lovers the world over can buy a copy for themselves.
The rights to the photographs always remain with the photographer and each print sold earns the creator 20%. If photography isn’t your forte but you enjoy having unique pieces to display in your home, is a great resource for fun, creative artwork. Prints can cost as little as $39, but pricing depends on the canvas size selected. is an amazing community that fosters the creation and enjoyment of art through the lens of people from all over the world.

To learn more about how to start an online gallery or purchase art work visit

Sara Cardoza

Sara graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a degree in creative writing. As a military child she spent her childhood living and travelling overseas which shaped her passion for travel, language, food, and intercultural exchange. She has recently joined the JustLuxe editorial team....(Read More)

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