Original Batman Cover Art Projected to Sell for $500K at Auction

Photos Courtesy of Heritage Auctions
Two Batman pieces will be the main attractions at Heritage Auctions’ Comic and Comic Art Signature Auction in early August — with each of the two graded pieces expected to net around $500,000. The two pieces consist of the highest-graded copy of Batman #1, ever certified in 9.2 grade, and Frank Miller’s original cover art for The Dark Knight Returns #2, 1986. As projected by the auctioneer, the dynamic duo will fetch a half-million each. Heritage Auctions points out that this is a worthy follow-up to its groundbreaking Dark Knight series offered by Heritage in the last year.
Splash page from Dark Knight #3
“For fans of Modern Comics, this drawing is where everything really begins,” said Todd Hignite, VP of Heritage Auctions. “This moment defines Miller’s Dark Knight and the modern day perception of Batman, like no other drawing. The only one that comes close, perhaps, is the iconic Splash page from Dark Knight #3, featuring both Batman and Carrie Kelley (Robin) — which we sold two years ago for $448,125.”The Avengers #1 (Marvel, 1963
Additional lots with big expectations will include a near pristine copy of the comic book The Avengers #1 in stunning 9.4 grade. It is expected to sell upwards of $175,000. There will also be a 9.4-grade copy of Tales of Suspense #39, which is the first appearance of Iron Man. It is expected to tap out at more than $100,000, per the auctioneer’s pre-auction forecast.the Fly #29 (Archie, 1964)
Original art from The Fly #4 by Joe Simon, which features Neal Adams’ very first comic book work, is expected to sell in the $5,000 to $10,000 range. The beginning days of commercial comics in America, circa 1900, is represented by work from the likes of Rudolph Dirks (Katzenjammer Kids), George Herriman (Krazy Kat), R.F. Outcault (Buster Brown) and Winsor McCay (Little Nemo). The auction takes place August 1-3 in Dallas, Texas.

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