Artist Eric Joyner Reimagines The Usual Suspects With Donut-Loving Robots

eric joyner usual suspects robot art

Photo Courtesy of Eric Joyner

Artist Eric Joyner combines two of our favorite things in the world: donuts and robots. His art depicts an alternative outcome of World War II, one in which those little tin toy robots exported from Japan from the 1940s to the 1960s live out their lives among us. Sure, sometimes they try to take over the world (with donut in hand, obviously), but most of the time they just want to bask in the sun and surf with dinosaurs. The Usual Suspects references the 1995 Bryan Singer film of the same name, with robots replacing the infamous cast (including Kevin Spacey and Benicio Del Toro). Fans of The Big Bang Theory may recognize this one as the print hanging above Leonard's bed — Joyner's The Final Blow can also be seen in the living room set. Whether you're a toy collector or just find the sweet combination of robots and desserts endearing, The Usual Suspects (made in a limited run of 100 prints) is a piece of art you need to add to your collection immediately. 

Mila Pantovich

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