Photographer Adrien Broom Tackles the Snow White Mythology in New Photo Series

adrien broom, snow white

Photos Credit: Adrien Broom

Stories popularized by Disney have always been trendy, but in recent years they have taken hold of the public due to a slew of Hollywood adaptations and remakes. Television has Once Upon a Time, while the big screen has seen way too many to list, with Cinderella and Into the Woods (okay, so this is a musical in of itself, but people are most familiar with some of the characters thanks to Walt) being the most recent. And there’s so many more on the way, including Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Mulan, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and even Tarzan. Whether these movies will be any good is beside the point, because if there's one thing the trend is good for, it is the many artists who have interpreted the popular tales in unique ways, including the talented Adrien Broom.

adrien broom, snow white

Still working with the young model from her Color Project, Broom has been recreating iconic scenes and moments from famous stories—including Cinderella and Snow White—and seems to be adding to her collection every day. What we love about these is that Broom seems to still be creating them in her small studio, building the set like a filmmaker would.

adrien broom, snow white

Though her Cinderella set is lovely, the Snow White series is by far our favorite. What’s even cooler about this series is that you can actually see it in person. Broom created the shots for her summer 2015 exhibition at the Hudson River Museum in New York. Running from June 6 to September 26, the show is called Envy and as part of a larger Seven Deadly Sins exhibition, it reinterprets popular fairy tales as a way to understand society and what drives us. Not just a look at Snow White and Cinderella, Broom also analyzes envy through the stories The Singing BoneThe Black Bride and the White BrideThe Three Little Birds, and Beauty and the Beast—some of which star faces you may recognize, like Chef Mario Batali as the King. 

adrien broom, snow whiteadrien broom, snow whiteadrien broom, snow whiteadrien broom, snow whiteadrien broom, snow whiteadrien broom, snow white

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