How the Festival Hall Turned Baden-Baden Into a City of Culture

If you haven’t been to Baden-Baden, you might have heard about this German town of 50,000 when Bill Clinton famously quipped “Baden-Baden is so nice they had to name it twice,” during one of his visits. The former American president might have been joking, but a quick Google search on Baden-Baden’s tony reputation, and it would appear like it has had two distinct lives.

This historic region has ancient roots as a spa destination during Roman times. The indulgent emperor Caracalla was a frequent visitor, using the town’s twelve thermal springs to relieve himself of arthritic aches. Later on, during the prosperous Belle Époque, most of Europe would journey to the Black Forest on wellness vacations. You can still do the same today, but there’s much more on offer in Baden-Baden, especially for fans of classical music.

Chadner Navarro

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