Jul. 13th, 2010

Azzurri Art Scores Well With Collectors

Arts & Culture: The Italian National Football team, the Azzurri, has been competitive in world-cup level championships since its inception in 1930. The 2009 FIFA World Cup champion is among the most popular teams worldwide and has a legion of dedicated fans globally.

The four-time world champions have an exclusive collection of limited-edition fine art giclée prints that depict the history of a team and its country.

The Azzurri Official Fine Art Prints Collection comes from the work of internationally acclaimed artists, illustrators, and photographers whose heartfelt passion for the Azzurri is uniquely expressed in each of these museum-quality reproductions. Most of the pieces are produced in small runs that range from 10 to 100.

There are 50 recently added pieces to the catalog as well as three existing collections. The 11-piece Azzurri in Motion collection by Paola Gattuso captures the essence of unbridled fury and driving athleticism that powers the fabled Italian National Football team.

Unfortunately, the reigning champions were eliminated from the 2010 World Cup after losing to Slovakia 3-2.

If your goal is to experience an uplifting cultural experience, tour the online Azzurri Art Editions.
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