Porsche Panamera Slated to Change the Game

Porsche Stalet to change the game again. Seven long years have been spent awaiting the newest innovation from luxury automotive titan Porsche, and true to its name, the company has not disappointed. The Panamera, Porsche all-new-four-doors Gran Turismo, will go on sale in the United States this October with the potential to be the company's first true 'sports car for four'. In 2002, Porsche launched the Cayenne, the brand's incredibly successful SUV model, and set the bar for all luxury brands to take their saucy sports car to the next level: four-door, family

Unveiled in April, Porsche has done it once again. The Panamera will be offered in three versions: the 400-horsepwer two-wheel drive Panamera S and all-wheel drive Panamera 4S, and the 500-horsepower, twin-turbocharged all-wheel drive Panamera Turbo.

In addition to changing the face of luxury once again, Porsche has aligned itself with the latest technology that will change the way you look at and experience driving a luxury car. It is the first premium car with an automatically shifting double-clutch transmission that features an engine start/stop system that allows for reduced emissions and saves fuel. The engine turns itself off when it's not needed, such as sitting at a stoplight, saving you gas and money, as well as producing fewer harmful emissions.

The challenge in creating the Panamera was keeping the silhouette of a coupe while still offering a spacious, comfortable ride for all the passengers in addition to providing ample luggage room. True to their design and engineering experience, Porsche has delivered on all levels, producing a car that is not only family-friendly but sleek, sexy and a head-turner as well.

By creating the Panamera, Porsche has increased the size of its audience. The Porsche experience is no longer just about pilot and co-pilot but you, your friends and your family as well.

The synthesis of lightweight technology that is typical of a sports car with superior comfort and efficient aerodynamics is what will put the Panamera in a class all its own. Put at the driver's fingertips are endless ways to customize your driving experience, such as high-end performance configurations for the engine, drivetrain and suspension systems and Porsche Traction Management (PTM), all at the push of a button.

Porsche is a step ahead of the rest this year, and come October you'll have the opportunity to get your hands on the reason why. Seat yourself behind the wheel of the Panamera, the car that will have everyone talking, and scrambling to beat it, for a long time to come, and make yourself a part of automotive history.


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