Find Out What Grill Sauce Celebrity Chefs Are Using This Summer

Grilling season has arrived, and with it the ability to cook in the great outdoors without having to scrub any pots and pans. While throwing something on the grill is easy, more time consuming is making your own sauce or marinade to accompany your chosen protein. Thanks to suggestions by experts and celebrities on, there are plenty of gourmet grilling sauces to get you started and keep you busy throughout the summer.

Top Chef Head Judge Tom Collichio likes getting his grill on with Rufus Teague. The collection of sauces and rubs turns any home chef into a veritable grill master. Choose your poison from the company's selection of rubs as well as sweet and spicy sauces to get the taste of summer right in your backyard.

Grill guru Bobby Flay likes a good hamburger and uses his own line of sauces and rubs for added flavor. Inspired by his burger concept restaurant, Bobby's Burger Palace, BBP Sauces and Rubs include everything you get when you eat out, but in a convenient bottle.

When it comes time for grilling, Bizarre Foods Host Andrew Zimmern reportedly turns to Daddy Sam's for flavor. Daddy Sam's has sauce for grilling everything from meat to fish. If you get tired of grilling steak and burgers, try the Salmon Glaze for your seafood.
Guy Fieri doesn't just eat at diners, drive-in's and dives. On occasion he heats up his own grill, and when he does, he just might use his own line of barbeque sauces. These include Carolina #6 BBQ Sauce, which can be used as a marinade as well as a "mop and slip sauce."

For a versatile grilling sauce, check out gourmet food purveyors, Dean & Deluca. The gourmet store has their very own grilling sauce, the Dean & Deluca Three Mustard Barbeque Sauce, which can be used on pork, chicken and veggies, making it perfect for hosts with fussy eaters.

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