How Does Smoking Affect Your Palate? Joe Bastianich Talks From Experience

Joe Bastianich

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You probably know Joe Bastianich from the competitive cooking show MasterChef, on which he is a judge along with Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot. Known for his stern face and harsh commentary that leave nothing to be misunderstood, Bastianich expects the very best from the competitors on the show and those high expectations bleed into his personal life as well. Along with Iron Chef Mario Batali, Bastianich has opened a slew of restaurants in locations ranging from New York City to Los Angeles. He's even stretched his reach to Singapore and Hong Kong.
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Like many talented names in the restaurant industry, Bastianich was a heavy smoker at one point, smoking almost three packs a day. Considering his career, he was especially aware of the negative effects smoking had on his sense of smell and taste. In an exclusive interview, Bastianich talks at length about why he thinks so many people in the food industry fall into smoking and how quitting changed his life. As one of the hardest things he's ever done, the talented chef kicked the habit despite the constant cravings, partly due to the support he received from his family and friends. Now that the smoke has cleared, so to speak, Bastianich is opening up about why chefs and foodies should join him and quit their smoking habits, stressing the importance of preserving the palate and approaching the goal one step at a time.

Read the full interview in Health & Beauty: Master Chef's Joe Bastianich on the Challenges and Benefits of Quitting Smoking

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