Meet 9OH20: World's First Sommelier-Crafted Bottled Water

Images Courtesy of Beverly Hills Drink Company

Look in the beverage section of any supermarket or convenience store and you'll see that there may have been a time when water was water… but that time is long behind us now. Coming in from places around the world (often at alarming price points), meet what may be the most extreme extension of the bottled-water trend to date. Called ‘Beverly Hills 9OH2O,’ the luxury bottle is being billed as the “world's first sommelier-crafted water.”

Sourced from a natural spring in the mountains of northern California, the tasting notes describe the water as possessing a “7.5 pH alkalinity, perfectly-balanced minerals, and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp, exceptionally fresh taste profile," perfect for pairing with fine foods and wines.

Claiming to have created “the world's finest water,” Beverly Hills 9OH20 was crafted by water sommelier Martin Riese and his team. "Only the absolutely perfect survive this supreme best-of-the-best challenge, thus becoming certified with the prestigious Beverly Hills 9OH2O signature label," says Jon Gluck, founder and president of the Beverly Hills Drink Company.

"Our vision was to bring to the world the extraordinary beauty, exquisite taste, and true luxury of the iconic Beverly Hills, California,” says Gluck.

The selected water is presented in a bottle designed to emulate a diamond, adorned with an individually-designed label and triple-sealed to ensure its authenticity.

The product is already on the market across the United States, but is now being rolled out in overseas markets as well. Only 10,000 individually-numbered glass bottles will be made, each selling for $14 or $164 for a twelve-bottle case. At that price you won't exactly be going through it like water.

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