Breathe in Your Favorite Cocktails With Vaportini

Photo Courtesy of Vaportini
If you consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur and are always looking for a new way to impress friends, get yourself a Vaportini. Instead of drinking alcohol like normal, the Vaportini uses a glass globe and a candle in a pint glass to create vapors that you inhale. Inspired by a trip to Helsinki where she experienced alcohol poured over hot coals in a sauna, Julie Palmer (the founder) worked with her engineer father to create the incredibly simple Vaportini design. It takes around five minutes for the vapors from one shot of liquor to fill the glass ball and while inhaling it takes longer than drinking, the effects are apparently felt very quickly. Creating an almost high-like feeling, the alcohol also wears off sooner. To get a big taste, Palmer suggests using alcohol with a lot of flavor — like gin, flavored vodkas, bourbon, barrel aged rum, brandy, and infused liquors — as well as those higher than 60 proof.

Mila Pantovich

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