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Have Some Milagro Tequila With Your Chocolate This Valentine's Day

tequila milagro

Photo Courtesy of Milagro Tequila

In case you weren't already aware, Valentine's Day is next week. Whether you're part of a couple and are looking for a gift or you're single and want something to celebrate with, a bottle of tequila is a pretty safe bet. Not only will it get you away from that tired old wine you drink for every occassion, you can bet that you'll have some fun no matter who you enjoy the bottle with. The Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Añejo is aged in American and French oak barrels, which lends the liquor a woodsy sweetness. Smooth and full-bodied, this tequila has notes of vanilla and caramel, and just so happens to pair perfectly with chocolate. The hand-crafted glass bottles even feature an agave plant within.

Mila Pantovich

Mila Pantovich lives in San Diego, CA with her cat and two rats. She graduated from California State San Marcos with a degree in Literature and Writing and a minor in Film Studies. She has written for several publications, including San Diego City News and North Park News, and in her spare time writes film reviews for various online publications. A self-prescribed film/book obsessive, she's curren...(Read More)

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