"Most Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Ever" Brings Aphrodisiacs & Michelin-Starred Chef to Your Kitchen For $99k

most romantic valentines day dinner ever

Photos Courtesy of Great British Chefs/VeryFirstTo

Let's face it, Valentine's Day is stressful. If you’re in a relationship, you have to figure out the most romantic spot for dinner. If you're single, you may be crying over why more men can't be like Mr. Darcy or you're trying to plan an epic singles dinner with a group of friends at the last minute. This won't help with the latter, but it will certainly help with those of you in a relationship. And we're willing to bet that this romantic dinner in your own home will beat out any restaurant reservations you are able to snatch, because how often do you have a Michelin-starred chef in your kitchen to cook for you personally?

VeryFirstTo teamed up with Great British Chefs to offer what they're calling "the most romantic Valentine's dinner ever." Priced at around $99k, your eight-course meal will be prepared by British chef Adam Simmonds, who was awarded with his first Michelin star while at Ynyshir Hall in Wales in 2006.

 most romantic valentines day dinner ever

“Taking luxurious and tantalizing ingredients, such as watermelon, which is proven to have key similarities with Viagra in boosting nitric oxide; and chocolate, which is consumed as a sexual elixir; Adam has created a mouthwatering menu that brings romance to the boil,” says Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs.

Other ingredients include almus white caviar (which is a symbol of fertility), saffron (where in the Middle East it is believed to be alluring to women), and Kopi Luwak coffee (because coffee supposedly increases the pleasure sensors in the brain).

 South Sea pearls

Each extravagant dish will be paired with wine selected by respected wine merchant Corney & Barrow, promising you some of the rarest and most beautiful wines and champagne. For example, a 1990 La Romanee-Conti, Domain de la Romanee-Conti ($27,720) will be served with the risotto and a 1959 Salon Blanc de Blancs ($5,870) will be poured with the oysters. Speaking of oysters, your dinner also comes with South Sea pearls worth almost $10k.

Aside from the sexy menu, VeryFirstTo will also cover your dinner table in rose petals, set free a dozen white doves, light 50 rose-scented candles, and keep you entertained with a harpist and a romantic poet. We're not entirely sure how those doves are going to be dealt with, because as romantic as those little white birds can be, we can also picture several ways they can ruin dinner. 


The deadline for buying the experience is February 11 and the price includes all of the above. If you live outside of the Greater London area, you can still arrange for the celebration, but you can also expect to pay for travel and accommodations.

Check out the full menu below:

valentines day menu

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