First Fully-Automated Home Brewing System Ready Might Just Make You An Expert Cicerone

Photo/Video Credit: Brewie

Home-brewery systems aren't hard to come by nowadays with brands like Brewbot making waves, but newcomer Brewie is hoping to be your final choice. Calling itself the world's first fully automated home brewing system, Brewie is designed to cater to both newcomers and experts through its design. Plus, unlike other products, this one can actually fit right on your kitchen counter.

The 4.3-inch touch screen lets you program Brewie with ease, but it can also be accessed through your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Though the gadget comes with over 200 pre-programmed recipes (covering all beer types), you can also customize your own individual brews and save them for later. The self-cleaning system can also be hooked up to your home water system and will measure the input for you. Brewie already reached its original Indiegogo goal of $100,000, so they have extended it to $200,000 (at the time of publication, there are at $172,147 with 10 days to go). With many options sold out, you can get a Beginner Package for $1,499 or a Professional Package for $2,299. Personally, we're liking the look of the $10,000 Exclusive Tour Package, which includes airfare to Budapest so you can enjoy a beer tasting with the Brewie team and enjoy a private tour of home base. 

Mila Pantovich

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