If You Spot Celebrity Chef Mario Batali in His Summer Hideout, Introduce Yourself! Chef's Orders

Award-winning celebrity chef Mario Batali is an entrepreneur of eating. In addition to managing restaurants around the world and creating giant “Eataly” markets in New York and Chicago, he’s an Italian culinary expert who has authored 10 cookbooks and appears on ABC’s The Chew. With so many public projects going on, it begs the question if the 54-year-old feel less like a chef and more like a showman these days.

“In the same way that Henry Ford didn’t build all the cars and Bill Boeing didn’t finish all the planes, I feel that way. At a certain point you need to take your stuff and maximize the potential you have for it,” he explained to JustLuxe recently. “Although I don’t cook on the line in the restaurants every night, I am able to walk in there, step into the line and cook there. The beautiful thing is that I don’t have to clean up. So, I do a lot of the show and promotion, but fundamentally my biggest gig is to make sure [that] when I am in the kitchens…people remember that they’re having a good time, working together, and that collectively we’re doing something that we really love to do, which is based in the heart of a natural cook.”

Michael Patrick Shiels

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