Kate Hudson Plays Naughty and Nice in the 2016 Annual Campari Calendar

campari calendar,Campari,kate hudson

Photos Credit: Campari

Kate Hudson is officially the star of the new 2016 Campari Calendar, which revolves around the eternal battle between bitter and sweet by paying homage to their iconic red Italian aperitif. Though the full unveiling won’t happen until November 18, we have some awesome behind-the-scenes shots of the actress on set that give a pretty good indication of what to expect. 

campari calendar,Campari,kate hudson

Shot by fashion photographer Michelangelo Di Battista, Hudson plays the dual role of “captivating bitterness” and “subtle, intriguing sweetness” throughout the series. “I was honoured to be invited to shoot the 2016 Campari Calendar,” says Hudson. “This year’s theme plays off the upcoming election, which is the perfect metaphor for the many Campari flavour choices.”

campari calendar,Campari,kate hudson

Using recognizable election imagery reinforces the dual opposition within the brand itself, asking us all to pick the side we like best. In the case of Campari, do you like the sweet aperitif or the bitter? With Hudson portraying them both, it’s pretty impossible to decide. 

campari calendar,Campari,kate hudsoncampari calendar,Campari,kate hudsoncampari calendar,Campari,kate hudsoncampari calendar,Campari,kate hudsoncampari calendar,Campari,kate hudson

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