Hendrick's Gin Salutes the Glamour of Flight with a Giant Cucumber

Emirates and Etihad: move over with your first-class suites. Air Force One? You, too, have been one-upped. Unrivalled luxury in the air now has reached new heights with a flying machine that is daring (and cheeky) enough to make the Wright Brothers cheer “Huzzah!" 

It’s a blimp. A 130-foot long green dirigible, to be precise. It’s a huge balloon shaped like a cucumber and is so exclusive that not even a Dreamliner filled with gold doubloons can buy a seat.

The Flying Cucumber Airship is the whimsical creation of the eccentrics behind Hendrick’s “most unusual” premium gin. It zooms at the whiplash speed of 35 mph and a dizzying altitude of 1,000 feet as it visits gin-loving city after city. As you might expect, the botanically-inspired aerial transport took roughly forever for it to make its latest coast-to-coast crossing, but that didn’t bother the masses as it was eccentrically-built to carry only one or two passengers at a time. 

Why? To celebrate the majesty of the lowly cucumber, an unusual fruit (not a vegetable – Google it) that happens to be a key component (along with rose) and favored garnish of Hendrick’s small-batch gin. The Scottish distiller built the airship after declaring its whimsical takeover of National Cucumber Day, which was on June 14, and has gone the extra mile to invent an entire cucumber celebration season. "This is not a hostile takeover,” stated Hendrick's Gin National Ambassador, Jim Ryan. “In fact, the term takeover may be overstated, since no one seemed to be looking after the holiday to begin with." 

Vicki Arkoff

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