Farm-To-Bottle: The Importance of Going Organic With Your Spirits

In the last 100 years, the food and drink industries have experienced an immense transformation. As companies begin to take over and mass produce, naturally the demand for raw materials increases drastically, and the emphasis on quantity over quality tends wins out to meet demand. From bread to beer, we have found ways to make more, faster. 

This of course has also pressured agriculture into its own industrialization, creating a much larger, industrialized production processes to store, transport and transform such immense amounts of raw materials into final products. Today the industry uses chemicals that help force maximal yields in a shorter period of time, often generating collateral damage in health and in the environment.  

Iván Saldana

Iván Saldana is driven by a passion for the agave plant. For the past 10 years, his goal has been to use his knowledge to create the world’s most balanced mezcal – a goal he finally achieved with the introduction of Montelobos. Today, Saldana maintains an active role in the production of Montelobos, and serves as the primary spokesperson for the brand. Saldana continues to speak at confer...(Read More)

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